Mattress Cleaning Services Montreal

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Mattress Cleaning Services

Menage Total cleans, disinfects and leaves your bedding like new in a few minutes. Menage Total offers a progressive, versatile innovation that cleans and disinfects business and private clients‘ beddings on location in a few minutes. Our unique innovation disposes of allergens, bugs, stains, smells, organic issue and contaminants, leaving your bedding like-new! We use our patent-pending Menage Total Machine. A one of a kind machine built and grew explicitly to disinfect and sterilizing beddings.

Private Service Process

There is a process that disposes of stains and 99.8% of contaminants that are interfering with you and a decent night‘s rest. In a few minutes, Menage Total sterilizes beddings and decorations, without hurtful synthetic compounds, enabling you and your family to breathe a sigh of relief. When you contact Menage Total for your bedding, cleaning, we’ll lead you through an exceptionally proficient, direct process.

We come to you so you should simply call us and be home to lead us to your sleeping cushion.

  • Each sleeping cushion takes a few minutes to clean, and we do all the hard work.
  • All we ask is that you evacuate every one of your clothes and clear a way through your entryway.
  • Sit back and unwind while we expel stains, smells, and (in the most extraordinary cases) bloodsuckers from your sleeping pad.

We take your bedding back to your room recolor free, smelling and feeling like new.

Business Cleaning Service

Menage Total offers organizations a cordial, subtle and productive experience. We strive to guarantee as a meager interruption to your day by day activities as could reasonably be expected.

  • High-volume sleeping pad sanitation needs – we work with an assortment of both extensive and little offices and guarantee our procedure is as consistent as could be allowed.
  • Coordination on various dimensions – we work indefatigably to limit interruption to your business.
  • We can benefit more than 30 sleeping pads in a solitary 8-hour day. Regardless of whether you want to have an expansive volume of sleeping pads cleaned in as short a period as could reasonably be expected, or like to pivot through your office over a more extended period, we can oblige your demand.

Whatever the size or extent of the venture, reach us to perceive how we can enable your office to wind up Menage Total Certified.

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